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Extremely crooked business. i just read better business bureau and all the complaints. wow... same issues i had. extremely rude customer service people too. asked 20 times to speak to a supervisor. finally was going to transfer and she hung up 2 time. 3 times and 45 minutes. to tell me that the supervisor cant do cancel the billing. To me it is b s. filled b b b also. lots of fraud.. waiting for my money to be returned. and to have my... Read more

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I bought and paid for a website & domain. They sent me a confirmation along with log in information. When I went to log in all I get are error codes. I open a support ticket and MAX sends me an email telling me I don't own that domain that it is not available. He told me to go pick another site. I then forward them the confirmation email and again, I got an email back from MAX stating that domain was not available and to pick out another. Of... Read more

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It's already been 4 months since I canceled. Yet I still haven't got my refund. I am so pissed off I got ripped off by this "company"!

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What a scam! Called to cancel and was told it was canceled and would receive an email to confirm. I never got the email. Called again to find out why I never received an email and was told that they did cancel my order. My credit card bill came in the mail with a charge of $260 on it. They lied to me and didn't give me back my money. I am reporting them!

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Coolhandle Hosting is nothing but a bunch of rip offs. I had a major time getting them to cancel my accounts(PLURAL) 2 years ago and just today I got a message saying that my one account was just suspended because they couldn't process the 267$ on my account credit cart. That account was supposed to have been cancelled 2 years ago and this was guaranteed to me by their customer service rep on the phone!!. Now all of a sudden 2 years later here... Read more

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I since deposited funds and so far no customer care call to find out if I was happy to be in their field of expertise. My money was not returned after all the queries on their site.This is a total scam.

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I received a email from Greg Wiggins and watched his video. I proceeded to check out the site. I started filling out the subscription information and by accident submitted it. originally the information that was given to me while signing up was for only $14.99/month. not that I wanted to I did on accident as I mentioned . I immediately went to check my bank account and saw a charge from coolhandle for $179.00?!?!I called them right away and... Read more

Was this review helpful? 0 0 This is how they get ya...... a very misleading video that is claimed to be free, and to make money via advertisements, but the catch is, you have to use Cool Handle to do the web hosting and have to sign up for a two year package.... I didn't fall for the scam... found this page and saw all the bad reviews and the many people that had been ripped off.... I don't even have a clue where they are... Read more

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This company is a deceptive organization, I was under the impression I would pay 10.00 per month but when I ordered the program they billed my credit card 277.00. what a rip-off. They also replied and said they do not issue refunds...can you believe that ***!!!!! Please let everyone you know not to deal with this company under any circumstances. I intend to sue these ***. I ORDERED THE PRODUCT at 7:00Pm qnd canceled this *** by 8:00Pm after my... Read more

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I accidently signed up on the wrong host and was told my money was not going to be refunded even though I hadn't did one thing with what I had purchased. BAD Customer service and terrible policies...TOTAL RIP OFF!!! I am going to report them to any credit rating sources I can and the Better Business Bureau hoping their policies and customer services are reviewed. I cancelled 2 days after I accidently signed up for the wrong thing so no reason... Read more

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